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Introducing Next Week Entertainment: Elevating the Standards of Talent, Marketing, Broadcasting, and Production.


Unleashing captivating stories and connecting the world through immersive broadcasting.


Unleashing the untapped potential of exceptional talent, one spotlight at a time.


Igniting brands with strategic marketing prowess, creating a lasting impact.


Crafting extraordinary experiences through seamless production, turning visions into reality.

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Experience entertainment like never before as we harness our expertise in talent management, marketing, broadcasting, content syndication, distribution, and production to deliver exceptional services that redefine the industry.

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Bhouri – Official Movie Trailer
“Lakeer Ka Fakir” Official Trailer

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At Next Week Entertainment, we are committed to delivering an unparalleled entertainment experience that surpasses all expectations. With our distinguished talent, expertise in marketing, broadcasting, content syndication, distribution, and production, we stand out as a premier choice in the industry. Our team of seasoned industry professionals brings over two decades of experience, ensuring that every aspect of our services is executed with precision and excellence.

When you choose Next Week Entertainment, you are choosing innovation, creativity, and a commitment to pushing boundaries. Join us on this exhilarating journey as we unlock the next level of entertainment together.

Meet the Dream Team

Discover the exceptional individuals behind Next Week Entertainment, harnessing their expertise and passion to create unforgettable entertainment experiences.

Nehru Karia

Nehru Karia

Managing Director

Pankaj Karia

Pankaj Karia


Ashwin Singh

Ashwin Singh


Chandrapal Singh

Chandrapal Singh



Unparalleled Expertise

Over two decades of industry experience, mastering talent management, marketing, broadcasting & many more


Extensive Reach

Captivating a cumulative audience of 350 million, featured on the top 15 global networks.


Innovation & Creativity

Pushing boundaries, delivering captivating entertainment experiences through innovative and creative approaches.

Inspiring Testimonials of Unforgettable Experiences

Discover the impact of our services through the voices of our satisfied customers. Read their testimonials and be inspired by the unforgettable entertainment experiences they have had with us.

“Next Week Entertainment exceeded my expectations with their exceptional talent and marketing strategies. Thanks to them, my event in Mumbai was a grand success!”

Rajesh Gupta

“Next Week Entertainment understands the pulse of the Indian audience. Their content syndication and broadcasting services made my TV show a nationwide hit.”

Priya Sharma

“The team at Next Week Entertainment is a delight to work with. Their distribution network ensured my film reached a wide audience in India.”

Sanjay Patel

“Next Week Entertainment transformed my music career, helping me collaborate with renowned artists and perform at prestigious events.”

Aishwarya Singhania

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